About Us

ALL MUMBAI ASSOCIATION OF SPORTS AND FITNESS FOR ALL was formed in 2012 as the semi-regular gathering of National but Individual personalities and leaders interesting and working in the fields of Sports, Health, Education, Social, Culture, Arts ,Economical, Physically, Mentally, Spiritual, & Marmbhed Kala. Dear friend we have accelerated the recent development and devour in AMASFA. We have done this is in response to changes in the societies that grassroots sport sector ultimately serves. AMASFA strategy is based on both Walking and Talking or in other words on practical international bas ed project or and on political advocacy and communication. Over the last years these two strategies have developed significantly. District project work has always been a political priority for AMASFA and together with our national &International partners ,we have managed to increase the amount and the quality of our District projects .


The Association For International Sports for All – TAFISA As the leading International Sports for All Organization,TAFISA is in the privileged position to bring Joy , Health , Social interaction ,Integration and development to communities and citizens around the global through promotion of sports for All and physical activity. TAFISA primary focus is on.

  • Lobbying internationally for sports for All
  • Providing and coordinating programs and events
  • Providing networking and experience transfer platforms .To this end, TAFISA
  • Believes Sports for All & promotion/development of traditional sports and games .
  • Sees sports for All as a major contributor to Individual ,social community and national life quality
  • Supports International Exchange and Supports education and recreation
  • Assumes political leadership and provides practical events and programs
  • Supports diversity ,inclusiveness and member Development.